You want to know whether an electronic component
is original and new?

You need a quick and reliable answer?

SafeLab inspects on your behalf.
We do the analyzing - you don´t need to do anything. As soon as the test report is available, you have a clear answer to your question:

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Product Categories

We test electronic and electromechanical components such as integrated circuits, diodes, capacitors, resistors, inductors, and much more.

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Analysis Methods

Get a brief and informative insight into the individual test procedures.

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High-tech Analysis.
Clear Statement.

  • Prompt test result
    usually within seven working days
  • Clarity at first sight
    clear result on the cover sheet
  • Precise recommendation
    for usability of the component
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SafeLab in the Media

Innovative Unternehmen, etablierte Marken
und herausragende Manager:

SafeLab CEO Anna Maisch erläutert im Interview,
was unser Testhaus einzigartig macht.

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