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We specialize in testing electronic and electromechanical components, employing both destructive and non-destructive standardized methods.

Our approach is modular, crafting the optimal test sequence tailored to your specific needs from our extensive analysis portfolio.

After each test, we evaluate the result and extend or reduce the subsequent tests if necessary. In the event of changes, we will of course always consult with you.

Visual Inspection

The microscopic inspection of the entire component, digital measurement for dimensional accuracy.

Remarking/Resurfacing­ Test

Our expertise extends to surface analysis through chemical, mechanical, and chemical-thermal methods, specifically examining markings and the component’s package for evidence of tampering.


This involves revealing the internal chip construction through either chemical or mechanical methods to verify authenticity and defect absence. It’s a destructive but highly definitive method, particularly for complex semiconductor components.

X-ray­ Inspection

Our non-destructive X-ray inspection process allows for the thorough inspection of components and entire assemblies, identifying empty components, differing internal structures, faulty bonds, and material defects.

Material­ Analysis (XRF)

We analyze the material composition of soldering surfaces and coatings to confirm RoHS compliance and to ensure the exclusion of lead-containing solder.

Electrical Test/­Function Test

Through metrological analysis, we verify that components comply with the electrical parameters specified in the datasheet. Electrical tests may be used for component selection, functional testing, as well as insulation and safety tests.

Solderability­ Test

We assess the solderability of component connections by simulating industrial soldering processes in a laboratory reflow oven, ensuring impeccable solderability.

Micrograph Analysis

We analyze the microstructure and layer configurations of materials. This technique is decisive for counterfeit detection of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and for determining the cause of failure in electronic components, as well as measuring layer thickness.

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