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Are you wondering whether we can test your component and which test procedure is required?

We take care of all the necessary steps for you. We determine the analysis methods tailored to your request and communicate the associated costs to you. After your approval, you will receive the analysis report with clear results within seven working days.

Here you will find an overview of our most common product categories with the applicable analysis methods.

Inte­grated Cir­cuits (ICs)

Components with one or more integrated chips (dies). Microcontrollers, microprocessors, memories, ASICs, DSPs, A/D converters, FPGAs, etc.

Capaci­ties (C)

Capacitors, MLCC, electrolytic capacitors, super capacitors, SuperCap, EDLC, etc.

Re­sistors (R)

Potentiometers, precision resistors, photoresistors, NTC, PCT, varistors, etc.


Coils, transmitters, chokes, transformers, air coils, electromagnets, etc.


Relays, SSR, contactors, semiconductor relays, switches, pushbuttons, reed relays, reed contacts, etc.

Power­ Supp­lies

Batteries, rechargeable batteries, power supplies, power supply units, PSUs, switched-mode power supplies, etc.

Damage­ Analyses

Determining the causes of defects in components and assemblies

Determination of the cause of the fault, analysis methods according to affected components.

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